• Like what steps? Don't potatoes naturally have yeast on them? Isn't that how they used to make bread? And you can catch wild yeast if you're into surprises. All that was used to make wine is for fruit to go bad and catch some yeast. Bread is pretty much the same, except you add more flour and bake it. I can easily see it happening on accident. Did you know chocolate chip cookies were originally a mistake? Do you think Casu Marzu was originally intentional?
    • bostjan64
      According to Pliny the Elder, the yeast cultures for making bread originally came from the foam on top of beer. But mainly, what was the use of flour before bread was invented? And, if there was no requirement for flour, then why would someone have it, get it wet, mix it with yeast, mix it with salt and sugar, and then knead it into dough? If you already had cookie dough and you already had chocolate chips, then I can see how chocolate chip cookies could be a mistake that might happen. Casu Marzu ... hmm, I doubt it was intentional. But again, it's just regular cheese that was left out too long.
    • Linda Joy
      According to Wiki grinding stones have been found that predate agriculture - 30,000 years old. And flatbread came before yeast bread. I would imagine that even if they didn't live long enough to loose their teeth, they probably ground things up for feeding infants. Chocolate chips were made after the invention of chocolate chip cookies. And I don't use salt in my bread and it can be made without sugar as well.
    • bostjan64
      Oh, ok. Do you think maybe people ground up plants if they had no teeth? It's not like Krogg the Caveman could go see a dentist for a toothache 300 000 years ago. So, maybe dough was necessary for toothless people, and then someone left their dough out on a hot dry day... maybe.

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