• There are recipes for "refrigerator" pickles, which are soaked for 24 hrs. Stores alternately call the usual variety of fresh cucumbers "kirby" or "pickles."
  • when its not spoiled
  • I've had pickles before that were not truly pickled - they were just seasoned cucumbers. I'm not sure if that is what people mean by "fresh pickle," though, which I agree seems like an oxymoron. Other phrases that have me scratching my head include: "a small crowd," "war on terror," "buy two and save," and "deeply superficial."
  • The first person that answered about cucumber and pickle is essentially correct. But there is a difference in the quality of a pickle you can boil a cucumber in your pickling mix and you get a regular run of the mill pickled cucumber. If you serve them up within a reasonable length of time. They taste better. The better pickles are field picked cucumbers. That you Blanche to kill the surface bacteria. Then you throw them in to a strong pickling solution and let them set for 2 weeks. You then put them into your jars with a 50-50 mix of pickling solution and water Those are the fresh pickles that are in the refrigerated section.

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