• Yes. I prefer them fried. My son's father convinced me to eat one straight out of the ocean. He told me it was good! It was awfull! It was warm and tasted like salt and nasty ocean water! I felt sick the rest of the day! Do you like them? Do you swallow them whole, or chew them? Raw oysters are usually served chilled on a bed of ice with hot sauce. Do you use hot sauce on them or coctail sauce?
    • Azlotto
      I chew them. I think swallowing them whole is a waste...Sauce: I use a mixture of cocktail sauce kicked up with hot sauce and horseradish.
  • Yes. Once. I chewed it but heard after I was not suppose to..
    • Azlotto
      Thanks for your answer.
    • Azlotto
      Thanks, Pearl..
  • Yes, many years ago. That's how I found out I am allergic to all forms of sea food.
    • Azlotto
      I'm allergic to shrimp about every four to seven years. The first time it happened, I was on a date. I ate some shrimp scampi then about an hour later, my eyes swelled shut....Thanks, Ice man.

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