• Thank you Linda Joy~! I have the audio book and I keep trying to start it.
    • Linda Joy
      You're welcome! I only just discovered Game of Thrones my neighbor has the DVDs and I've been watching them with her.
  • not yet
  • Never had the slightest inclination toward reading it. In fact, your question is a book to me, stop it. :P
  • Wasn't book #6 due to come out in 2016? By the way, the links don't seem to work properly anymore.
    • Linda Joy
  • Yup. I read all of them that were written at the time. I don't think he has ever finished his last volume yet. I read that he has started working on the newest version of the Hillerman stories about Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. Two Navajo cops working on the rez. After I read the stories, I watched the movies, and found them lacking. 5/4/23
    • Linda Joy
      The books in this series were much better than what HBO turned them into. They deviated so far from the books I quit watching them.
    • dalcocono
      Yes indeed. I enjoyed the books much more than the movies, but those movies were pretty well done too. The las season was bad though, because they had no finale from the author written yet, so they adlibbed. Poorly too.

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