• Will it be answered?
    • Linda Joy
      Where do you take them if they don't get answered here?
  • The predisposition of the questioner. Most people here are either hot tempered or joyless.
    • Linda Joy
      The questioner would be you in this case.
  • Will it start a conversation? If I think people will just say Yes or No, I don't ask it.
    • Linda Joy
      In my experience those that promote conversation too often go unanswered. And many can and do expound on the yes or no answers, but I agree with you. I prefer the discussion questions!
  • to be nice when asking it and not be rude about stuff
    • Linda Joy
      It's always a good reminder to be kind.
  • I don't have to ask questions. You and a few more ask all the questions I need to answer
    • Linda Joy
      We don't have to ask them either but how much fun would it be if no one asked new questions and the only questions you have to answer are the ones rolling around from 10 years ago?
  • What sort of moron would answer it?

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