• No, because when I die I know I will go to a much better place thanks to Jesus Christ who has built a beautiful mansion to live in!
  • Only the body dies no fear here..... for I am not the body I simply live within it..... but am thinking probably a bit of sadness will ensue to leave this lifetime..... because of my attachment to it. HaHa
    • Linda Joy
      Looking forward to my resurrected body!
  • I'm not afraid of dying...I'm afraid of how long I'll suffer before the end.
    • Linda Joy
      A very real fear I try not to think about!
    • Linda Joy
      Looking forward to getting my resurrected body!
  • No I look forward to it, then they won't have me to kick around anymore.
    • Linda Joy
      WHAT? ! Who's kicking you around? ! Do I need to break out some whoop-ass here?
  • Yes I am afraid of dying my hair as I've just got it the right colour.
    • Linda Joy
      Once you dye your hair you have to keep on dying it. I Quit dying my hair back in my twenties.
  • Afraid ?!? HELL NO ! Or maybe I should say, HEAVEN no ! I've been looking forward to it. People are more afraid of the pain that could go with it.
    • Linda Joy
      I can understand that. After watching my mother suffer for years with cancer, I'd never put my boys through that. It's why I don't smoke cigarettes.
  • Yes, I am more afraid of one of my children passing away. Although I have faith in the resurrection (Acts 24:15), I am fearful of them dying or experiencing trauma.
  • to be honest life can scare me more than death
  • I used to be concerned about taking that last breath, possibly struggling for air. After considering the myriad of things that take place right at the moment of death I realized: You exhale for the last time a nano second "after" you pass away. The soul cannot stay in a decaying body. At the moment of death decay begins and within seconds (according to the body farm) flies will be present. You won't feel that last breath at all, you pass from this life to the next before that happens. That realization was a relief,
  • Hmm! Nope, I've decided not to die
  • No because I know I have Jesus in my life.
    • Rick Myres
      Ha ha ha ha.
  • not in the least... just going home
  • A little maybe. Would like to stay alive.
  • Not really.
  • I'm afraid of snakes and spiders, more.
  • No, because it is inevitable. I do not allow fears to rule my life.
  • Probably not. Because it is the reality of the life. One Day it will come and we could not be able to do anything.
  • Nope, unlike the piles of bodies around me were.
  • Nope - what Thinker said applies to me as well.
  • Not at all. God and I cross paths and now I'm not worried about a thing

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