• I know one side, but my mother has been digging around the other side for the last 20 years. So far she has traced her side back 250 years but it's getting really spread out and harder to follow.
    • Linda Joy
      I've only just started, but thought it was really cool when I found a photo of my mother's 9th grade class online! I also learned my paternal grandfather had two more siblings I never knew about from a census. I look forward to learning more!
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, you didn't say where your heritage is from.
    • Ice man
    • Linda Joy
      Me too
  • ive lived my whole life on uranus where i was born my father was born on uranus his father was born on beetlegeuse and his mom in the andromeda galaxy my mom was born on venus her mom was born in the town of Mianus Connecticut on planet earth and her father born in the whirlpool galaxy
    • mushroom
      I hear a Ford Galaxie was responsible for my existence.
    • Linda Joy
  • Viking on my fathers side. Vikings discovered America - NOT Columbus. On my mothers side I'm American Indian. No matter how you look at it my family was here first. Everyone else - GET OUT. Except Linda of course.
    • Linda Joy
      But my ancestors were probably the evil greedy bastards who stole your land and decimated your people! (Hangs head in shame) I'm very thankful to know you, and I apologize for the behavior of my ancestors.
  • I was a dumped baby. I got as far as finding out who the sperm donor and incubator was. That was enough for me, I don't want to know any more.
    • Linda Joy
      I can understand that. For a long time I wasn't interested in doing my genealogy because I didn't want to be a part of the family that gave birth to me. But your birth parents are not your family. Have you considered doing the genealogy on your true family?
    • Linda Joy
      I think it's awesome you were chosen and wanted by your true family!
    • Scotslass
      Growing up, I was passed between foster carers, so don't have a family.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry. Do you have your own family now?
  • 6-15-2017 I am descended from Old King Cole, the guy in the nursery rhyme. He was immortalized because he saved a lot of his people by entertaining Roman soldiers instead of trying to fight them. Being descended from royalty is not a big deal. European royal family members have always been so randy that anybody with white skin can probably trace ancestry to one or all families. It is not an accident that they call each other "cousin". And Genghis Khan laid so many women that any random person has 1 in 200 chance of being descended from him.
  • A professional genealogy expert traced my mother's ancestry back to 15th century Poland. While I can't be certain he could actually trace my mom's side of the family he was a professional genealogist. So I'm hedging he was right in his investigation OTOH I can trace my dad's side to his grandfather,my paternal grandfather in Romania.
  • not as much as id like to know
  • I was born here in America, that makes me a native American. Beyond that, I don't care.
  • Quite a lot on my family. On my now ex-wife's family we published a book on the genealogy of her family.
  • My mom's family- England, Wales, Denmark and some others. My dad's family - Italy, France, Canada. I have been doing Genealogy for over 20 years. Fortunately since my mom's side of the family are Mormon, most of her Genealogy is done. My dad's had been more challenging to me, because my Grandmother and her siblings were taught to hide their Italian heritage. My dad only found out his Italian heritage a few years before he died.
  • Only so far back on Dad's side, very little on my Mother's side
  • Pure White. White Pride.
  • Largely German.
  • My mother's parents were European, and came here to flee the war. My father's parents grew up in the American South, but their ancestors, at some point, were European. There were some connections there to two widely known families - one famous and the other infamous.
  • Yes, I know my family's genealogy. I can trace my family tree back to approximately 900 A.D.
  • Nah. Past grandparents, I have no idea. Everyone from the U.S. or Canada that far back.
  • Only as far back as my mother's grandparents, and then only three of the four. Whenever I'm asked for my ethnicity I reply "unknown".
  • According to Mom Hungarian and Dad Italian
  • Yeah, my mom paid for it once. Very interesting.
  • My family on my dad's side has been traced to Switzerland, 1465. In all likelihood, they came from Germany prior to that, but no documentation has been found yet to substantiate it. Around the mid-1400s is when they started using Surnames, so unless you have recorded documents, that's about as far back as most people can go, it appears.
  • Quite well. I've been lucky to have relatives on both sides of my family who have been enthusiastic genealogists and who have come up with reams of information. Because I am a historian, I've been able to help them double-check it where uncertainties have cropped up. We've been able to trace, securely, one branch of our family back to the 14th century in Kent, England. The only disappointment is that I was always hoping for something exotic to crop up -- maybe a little Mongolian or Egyptian ancestry, or at least something a bit unusual. Alas, we've turned out to be of utterly boring, white-bread, European descent. Ancestral DNA testing confirmed it. My children have expressed a certain pleasure that their father is Jewish. That makes them feel that THEIR ancestry is much more interesting than being 98.6% WASP and 1.4% "broadly southern European" as I am.
  • yes i do as a matter of fact.. i was always rather curious about it & had records of 1 relative on my paternal side who came to the Virginia or Carolina colony as an indentured servant in the year 1687. When DNA tracing became the general public I spit in a tube mailed it in & discovered I am 68% England,wales & NW Europe -- 18% Ireland/Scotland---9% germanic Europe--4% Norway & 1% indigenous North American .
  • Pretty much. I'm Native, and the BIA has been keeping records on us since the 1st Calif ndn roll. It tells us our ancestors, their tribal affiliation and their blood degree.
  • My grandfather was a royal bastard.

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