• I remember when I was in the Navy we had training on a regular basis, and one day the subject was sexual harassment. We were going up the stairs to the classroom and Kathy grabbed the training P.O.'s butt and said "So, are you gonna teach us how to do this right?" I'll admit I'm biased, because I thought it was funny, but I know full well if it had been a guy doing that to a female I would have been offended, maybe even infuriated back then!
    • Creamcrackered
      She was being ironic that why it's funny, it's not sexual. Plus I'm not surprised with the Navy and army lasses.
  • She didn't "get away" with it. The truth catches up with a liar. eventually.
    • Linda Joy
      Usually it does in this life. But sometimes it won't be until the afterlife. And I still have no idea what you're talking about.
    • Boola Boo
      A sibling stabbed me in the back. I have always loved, supported, protected, and admired her for her creativity and so many other things. I only saw hints of her other side with other people. Never thought she would turn on me, but turn she did. Really bad move on her part. I had hoped she is learned a lesson from this however based on her FB page she is still at it. This time she told a terrible lie about our Mother. Pretty much does it for me. Not going to put myself in her line of fire ever again. She will lie to anyone about anything, just for a moment of attention while trying to destroy people in the process. Want nothing to do with her. ......Period, end of story......
    • Linda Joy
      I've learned my sister tends to see things from a negative perspective. I don't think she believes she's lying. She really remembers things being that way. I see them from a different perspective and it's like we grew up in a different house when really we grew up together until she was 14. And truthfully her experience was different from mine.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm truly sorry for the pain this has caused you though.
    • Army Veteran
      Maybe you're too sensitive. My brothers embellish about our mother online all the time. None of it's true, but it isn't anything to "call them out" for. Our mom had a keen sense of humor and would have appreciated whatever we said about her. Nothing is ever said in malice - she knew we would never do such a thing. We all have the greatest love and respect for our mother. Anything said that is untrue is a "lie" technically. What makes it wrong is the spirit in which it is said.
    • Linda Joy
      Very true. Thanks!
  • Datiing someone significantly younger. When females do it they get cutesy names like cougar milf etc. When us guys do it we are perverts disgusting pigs dirtbags borderline pedophiles etc.
    • Linda Joy
      Actually I think that's something men get away with much more easily than women. And I think it's much more prevalent among men but as far as pedophile goes I wouldn't call anyone a pedophile unless they're with somebody younger than 18. And as far as I'm concerned that goes both ways.
    • asweetguy4u2know says R.I.P Nelson
      I did it once. Worst experience of my life. I was 43 and dating a 27 y/o at the time. You would have thought she was 10 by the disgust most people showed. Lesson learned. I try now to stick to. a maximum of 10 years older or younger. People nust look at you too funny if the difference is much bigger. Also look up any article about female teachers having inappropriate sexual relationships with their students versus male teachers. I gurantee you no matter how young or good looking the male teacher is most of the comments are going to be about what a sick bastard he is and how they should hang him by the balls versus when its a hot female teacher oh where was she when i was in high school i woulsnt have minded some xxxtra tutoring from her or the boy is in no way a victim most boys his age masturbate to fantasies of banging their hot teacher etc and so forth.
    • Linda Joy
      I have a 25 y.o. with an attraction to me I can't explain. So its not always the older person's fault!
  • Getting screwed by a bunch of guys at the same time.
    • Linda Joy
      Guys can do that too just not in the literal sense. Lol and we only have one additional orifice. Now that I think about it man can be gang banged too! I can give you some tips if that's what you're looking for. Not that I'm into that sort of thing or have any experience with it whatsoever. I'm pretty much a one-on-one kind of person
    • Azlotto
      "One additional orifice"...Lol...That could be confused with one additional cave (high traffic area) ; )
    • Linda Joy
      That would depend on the person. And it takes two you know! If she's getting it somebody else is giving it! Or were you going by personal experience? How many have you been in? Then again maybe you're just taking all these men who are bragging about what they really haven't done on their own word...
  • Grumble about gender inequality.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      That ain't no shit!
    • Linda Joy
      I've never wanted to be equal to a man.
    • Linda Joy
      Hey wait a minute! Isn't that what you just did in your answer? And didn't you just get commended for it? LOL you two just proved that goes both ways too!
  • And vice versa
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, I wrote the reverse question as well.
  • Generally a woman can enter and use a men's washroom and nothing will be said. Let a man enter a women's washroom and the man will generally be arrested.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Thanks to Obama, we can use the women's bathroom now! Yay!
    • Thinker
      Actually that was part of the Civil Rights Act of 1963. Segregated washrooms were made illegal because they were discriminatory.
    • Archie Bunker
      That was based on race, Thinker.
  • not sure but probably a lot
  • Well, I was thinking about my S/O tonight, our first kiss, our first day and a few days after that. Someone was very rude to me. I am disgusted and am turning in for the night. A lovely balloon was popped.
  • Women generally aren't considered evil animals for sleeping with underage boys. That double standard is probably one of my biggest peeves that I forgot to mention in the Peeves thread.
  • Women generally get away with flashing in a public place. Men would get arrested for doing the same.
    • Linda Joy
      Women can be put on the sex offender database for that! But I agree they usually wouldn't be.
  • The ages of promiscuity for men is 17, where it is 36 for women. I guess that excuses 2 in the same boat for that.
    • Linda Joy
  • Hitting someone of the other gender, crying or just showing emotion in general, being short, approaching children, not knowing how to fix things, being turned on in public, taking a really long time to get ready, listening to current pop music, carrying a bag, ordering fruity drinks, not automatically being expected to pay on a date, identifying as a cat lover, clothes shopping as a hobby... That's all of the sexism I can muster up for now haha
    • Linda Joy
      Good job!
    • Army Veteran
      What you're describing is "playing the gender card".
    • Linda Joy
      I don't see it as playing any card, its just women being women in today's society. And I think it accurately describes what women can get away with in society that men generally can't.
  • Some women get away with posting really stupid questions on Answerbag.
    • Linda Joy
      So do men. Obviously! You've done it! BTW what makes you the authority on stupid? That seems to be one of your favorite words. Do you think being more educated than someone makes you better than them? Are you a genius with an IQ over 130? You do realize 50% of the population are of average intelligence, right? And like I told my son just because you're smart doesn't mean everyone else is stupid. Geniuses are the ones that aren't normal! You can learn from everyone. Even my niece with an IQ of 40. She knows how to be happy. Are you happy? It doesn't seem like it.
  • A woman can approach a guy and ask if he wants to have sex---usually doesn't work too well when a man tries it.
    • Army Veteran
      As anyone on the vice squad can attest to.
    • Linda Joy
      A woman doesn't have to 'ask' for sex. I never have.
  • Dropping their purse.
    • Army Veteran
      You've dropped yours enough times. LOL
    • Linda Joy
      I've heard of dropping a bag, but not their purse.
  • Playing the gender card. Just being a woman gives them an edge in politics. Both Hillary and Kamala were chosen to run because of their gender.
  • Women can get away with going into a lesbian strip club but access denied for men
    • Linda Joy
      Is the same true for women going to a gay strip club? I wouldn't know, but many gay guys are pretty.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      As a straight guy, I respect gay people. I don’t understand what you’re saying because lesbians are gay as they are attracted to their own gender only. I’m sure some gay people are nice. The word gay refers to a person who is attracted to their own gender whether the person is male or female

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