• MSG poison stay away if you like your mind and brain.
    • Linda Joy
      You don't eat any foods with MSG?
    • Thinker
      I try my best to never eat anything with MSG but sometimes it is unavoidable or I don't know it is fixed with MSG. MSG can trigger Alzheimer's if it is in your bloodline family. It is in mine.
  • KFC changed a lot.. I think they leave the chicken out too long now days.. I remember when KFC chicken was steaming when you opened the top. Now it's warm and moist..
    • Linda Joy
      That's probably because of the frivolous lawsuit against McDonald's for coffee that was too hot!
    • Linda Joy
      seriously it has to be kept at 160 degrees in the warmers, display cases, and the steam tables
    • Linda Joy
      You may want to check the health score at the KFC where you visit.
  • KFC here closed then opened then closed then opened then closed again. Now for 3 or 4 years the building has be there with signs saying it is KFC and empty. Where is my extra crispy dinner at??
    • Linda Joy
      You bring the chicken I'll fry it! Lol
    • Rick Myres
      Oh yummy like when will I be eating? Will it have mashed tators and gravy and biscuits too?
    • mushroom
      I hope it doesn't look like this:
    • Linda Joy
      I can make all that and peach cobbler, too!
  • didnt know they had that category here
  • Yes; didn't you know it's the healthiest food ever?
    • Linda Joy
      People don't go there for healthy food! They go there for food that tastes good! And they used to have tender roast chicken breast, green beans and corn that's pretty healthy. The cabbage and onion in the cole slaw are antibiotic, but I can't vouch for the sauce! lol
  • filthy greasy chicken , KFC killed my uncle. He was a trapeze artist and didn't wash his hands
    • Linda Joy

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