• Most people don't attack America (except verbally) because if you do, you can get the Mother of All Bombs dropped on your head. And who would want that?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I'm ashamed to live in a country that imposes fear. ..But then again, I'm also ashamed to be part of humanity in whole, because all are capable of the same ugly behaviors...robbing the poor, causing millions to suffer instead of ever having a life, mass murdering in other countries for control, and profit!...). (Oh but shame on me for not undeerstandoing that billinairs OF COURSE need tax exemption, and to take the tiny wages poor people get, because they need more money that they cant even spend, to put in the boxes, and I should wave a flag for this, or be called a "snowflake" (which no one seems to know what that is). People, everywhere are mean and stupid and selfish, and I wish an asteroid would blot the human race out of existence. Perhaps the cockroaches, which we're told could survive annihilation and begin evolution again - would be nicer 'people'...yes, a bug would be a more sane and compassionate and constructive creature than a bald monkey that makes weapons for fun and enrichment. There is no "god". There is nothing more significant than moss on a rock on Earth. We are not a pinnacle, or noble or in any way grand. We are an infestation. .. But other than that, fine!
  • It is not.
  • No, why should it be?
  • No! No one should attack anyone else.
  • Depends how you define "attacking". As America has been attacking itself since 9/11 with cuts to civil liberties and public services not seen since the War.

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