• I live on the other side of the pond and no offence, but I'm glad. Every American I've spoke to has been lovely,but I wouldn't want to live there. When I was on Quora another q and answer site, and the Americans on there were great. They had lived in both countries. They said people aren't frightened in the UK and I feel safer.
    • Linda Joy
      Yet the crime rate in London rivals that of New York City!
    • Linda Legion
      I don't live in London.
  • That doesn't even make sense! How can a country live in another country?
  • In many parts like where I live it's Hell during the Summer, but I am still alive,So NO.
  • depends on where you live
  • It can be. I'm a liberal in Kansas. Im looked at as scum and a moron. The white women here are racist and bigoted as hell and usually pretty damn ugly. I'd rather live in Japan, the UK or Canada or Germany.
  • If you're smart, hard working and easygoing, then... "You might just make it after all." -Mary Tyler Moore theme song (1970). 😀
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      On a side note: I found out about The Mary Tyler Moore Show through an elderly relative in whom I asked if he could suggest an American sitcom television show from the 1970's I may like. Indeed I do like the show. I found the DVD complete seasons 1-7 from 1970-77 on Amazon for less than $30.00 dollars. What a deal for such a great TV show of the lives and trials of a young single woman and her friends. I felt to mention the show, as my answer is relevant to this question. So there you have it, America is not too tough as a country to live in, assuming that's what you're asking.
    • Linda Joy
      I loved her! Not just the Mary Tyler Moore Show but also see her in the Dick Van Dyke show. That's the married with a kid version of her. He's very funny, too.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I'll look into the Dick Van Dyke show. Other than that, she's wonderful, including the whole cast, although my favorite character is Ted Knight who plays Ted Baxter. He is so funny.
  • Yes. That's why countries don't live in America.
    • Linda Joy
  • I don't know about other people, but I find I adapt to the environment. I've lived in a lot of different places in the U.S.

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