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  • multiple accounts (Shh! That's probably a TOS violation for even suggesting that *hides from AB Secret Police*
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      It's not a TOS violation to have multiple accounts as long as we don't use them to violate the TOS. I only have 2 accounts on here, this one and Estrella Starr. I first joined the old AB as Bijou Pleasurette, then a troll posted lies about me so I made a new account. Oddly enough the troll didn't recognise me under my other screen name despite the clue in the names. When the new AB started I returned with both my screen names and I haven't seen head nor tail of the lying troll, so hopefully she's thrown in the towel. :)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Trolls suck. I'm a Yahoo Answers survivor myself, and that place was killed by trolls. Glad all is going well for you here now though! it seems a nice place and good people. I hope the owner finishes building the site soon (LOL) (Well it does a have a few rough edges).
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      Were you on the old AB site, MrPants? If so, you'd probably remember who the troll I mentioned was. Lol:)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No, I'm new. I was looking for some laughs, instead of reading the news and depressing myself in the mornings. So I came here maybe 2 weeks ago. SO far so good. I hope it grows some. It seems a little small. Old questions get recycled. But I also get the impression maybe the guy who made this site isn't done building it? (It lacks some amenities.) (I'd love to be able to post a picture, and scroll through things better.) Still, I do get some hearty laughs here, so I'm not complaining too much.
  • Hold on there, Slugger!
  • You can only post 6 questions per hour. To post 100 you'd have to set a timer for an hour from the last 6 you posted. Its to keep trolls and spammers from flooding the page.

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