• No, I meditate my mind when I am in the dark. It brings an awareness to my connectedness to life.
  • No, I prefer it. Only 2 minutes for eyes adjusting, then viola, I see in the dark.
  • Nope...NEVER!!! My brother used to pay me to go out after dark to retrieve his toys because he was scared of the dark. Now I'm always too busy to go get his stuff once it's dark. I get waaay too much pleasure out of knowing he's scared out there!!!
  • Sometimes. Not for the usual reasons though. Recently we spent a couple days at the grandsons home. He had gotten a new dog that we hadn't met yet. In the middle of the night, I needed the bathroom. I got out of bed and was fumbling around in a totally dark room for my phone for a bit of light. I heard the new dog growling at me menacingly and realized she had come into our room to keep an eye on us. I called the grandson and thankfully, his phone was on and he got up quick and put the dog in their room. Also, stumbling around in the dark is a good way to fall and break something. 2/28/23

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