• Sometimes the best home cooked meals can be very easy with little preparation involved. For one example, this can easily be achieved with a slow cooker. You just put your ingredients in (pork, chicken, or beef, include your veggies) add your fluid, cover & turn it on. Come back between 6 and 10 hours (depending on suggested cooking time and setting) later and enjoy a delicious dinner. There are tons of good recipe sites around, you just have to Google them and read to get some ideas. Don't be afraid to experiment or mix things up, you might just be delighted with the end result. The "healthiest and best for you" cooking recipes will be found in the "cooking for diabetics" sites. There are also vegetarian recipe sites, if that's what you prefer.
  • Beans are a good choice for vegetarians and health. I usually pair them with cornbread, and I like sliced raw onions and or tomato. Mac n cheese goes with it as well. Of course it depends on how many you're serving. Soups are good, especially if you're batting cleanup. You can throw anything in soup! Salads too for vegetarians you can easily add protein with eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, beans and using Greek yogurt in place of mayo in your dressing. Potatoes are nutritious and versatile. Cabbage, garlic and onions are antibiotic. Carrots and spinach are healthy. I make my salads and sandwiches with spinach rather than lettuce. If you choose lettuce avoid iceberg its not much more nutritious than water. Potatoes, broccoli and bell pepper are surprisingly good sources of vitamin C. Oatmeal is healthy It would help to know how many you're cooking for, whether you're doing breakfast lunch or supper, what equipment you have,eating at home or taking it with you, cooking for children is fun!
    • Linda Joy
      Also good to know what you mean by healthy. I have issues with sodium, my boys are ADD and ADHD so sugar was an issue for them as it would be for a diabetic. Are you allergic, have IBS or reflux, lactose issues, hypertension, heart issues, etc
  • A smoothie

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