• i just get thenn already nnade and heat it up in the nnicrowave
  • Oh I really liked the one where you can make individual 'omelettes' and put them in ziploc bags the night before so each person can have ingredients they want in them, then just throw them all in a pot of boiling water the next morning and cook them in the bags all at once. I could only find videos of one omelet being cooked. Also the pizza bites made from ice cube trays. The one I saw was made with pie dough. This one calls for pizza dough. I live alone and cooking for one was an adjustment for me. I cook a family pack of meat, portion it in baggies then put it in freezer containers. That way its individually wrapped and I can defrost and microwave as needed. Also when it comes to seasonings like peppers or fresh spices you can freeze them in ice cube trays in water or oil for smaller portions, then put them in freezer bags. I've also frozen 6 grapefruit in 12 hamburger patty tupperware containers. And I cook up potatoes and carrots like you do pasta. Usually when I get a new bag I cook all the older ones. I spray my fruits and veggies with a 1:3 dilution of vinegar and water to kill bacteria and help them last longer as soon as I bring them home.

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