• Spain and France. Well every locality has its own culture even within driving distance of our home, but all people are driven by the same interests and concerns.
    • Roaring
      What are those common interests and concerns?
  • The Bahamas. Otherwise I've never been off my home Continent.
  • All cultures are different. so yeah obviously. Ive been to Costa Rica, England, Italy, Canada, Bahamas. I live in New York, US. ive traveled to other countries, but i havnt been further west than Ohio lolololol
  • The furthest north I've ever travelled is Perth. The furthest south is Jersey. The furthest west is Caernarfon. The furthest east is Bridlington. I did not notice any significant cultural differences.
  • India, China, Philippines,Korea from the US. I love discovering the diversity of how people live and what is most important. Most fascinating for me was India as they have this longstanding quest for the spiritual life.
    • Scotslass
      I have never visited India, but would love to one day. I am in Scotland, and the furthest I have been is South America. It was like another planet compared to home.
    • Roaring
      My first experience out of the country was England and Scotland three week stopover before heading on to India. I'll never forget being wakened by the sound of a horse drawn open milk wagon on cobblestones in Edinburgh 5:30 in the morning.
  • Skegness...
  • I have traveled half way around the world. Jamaica to the Marshall Islands. I have made several trips driving over 5000 miles. North and south I have traveled from Alaska to Mexico but I think the Marshall Islands may be further south.
  • From Boston MA to Burnaby British Columbia Canada
  • Longest in distance was probably from Maine to St Croix, but that was on a P-3 so fairly quick. I drove from Alabama to Maine following a U-haul pulling a car with a 3 year old who talked the whole way. Another long trip was on a Greyhound bus from Spokane WA to Birmingham, AL. It took 2 1/2 days!
  • I traveled almost 15,000km from Florida to Perth, Australia and it took 34 hours (Tampa to Dallas to Los Angeles to Auckland to Melbourne and finally to Perth),

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