• Same reason as why there are so many spam questions on other sites, I suppose.
  • I've noticed the spammers of India think they are clever enough to disguise their spam to get past the spam filters, but I flag them when I see them.
  • Spam is among the oldest methods of spreading malicious software. From what I know on Answerbag, you can become your own moderator by flagging spam when you see it. Give it a day or so and it will be deleted.
  • I think the main reason is because users don't flag it as spam and bring it to the attention of the staff by clicking the little yellow flag. When I flag spam its usually gone within two days. I haven't tracked each one, but generally speaking that's what I've noticed. The better question is do YOU flag spam when you see it? We are the first line of defense.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I usually flag spam once a day. It always disappears, but it typically takes several hours, or sometimes a day or two to get it cleaned up.
  • There are many reasons for spam. I suppose that for every hundred spams here one person must end up buying something, otherwise it would stop itself from happening. Maybe one of the users here has a closet full of Amway products and Ginsu knives and a CV full of online courses on telemarketing. LOL
    • mushroom
      It's the amazing, incredible Ginsu knife! It can cut a diamond! It can cut a tin can! It can cut a tomato! It can even cut your hand! Call 1-800-GET-GINSU now and leave off the last "U" -- that's the "U" for unnecessary!

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