• Competitiveness.
    • officegirl
      Thank you. Men are competitive too but don't go to the same lengths and are able to support one another and work together even while they compete.
    • AnonymousGirl
      You're welcome. Also you'd be surprised. I've seen some men do some pretty terrible things to their friends.
    • officegirl
      Yes? Over the years when I say managed something well at work or made a good presentation men would come right up thank me and tell me how well I did which women never did unless they worked for another company. Like if I did well at something they would distance themselves like I was taking something away from them which they couldn't have just because I had it. I think many women have a sense of scarcity like there is not enough to go around for all of us so if we have something it must mean they will have to go without. Which to me just makes no sense.
  • Is not only from women side some of Men too behave like this, because of their don't have self confidence and Not performance at giving opportunity . I will clear your with example consider two your girl studying Medical MBBS in Manakula vinayagar Medical college in Pondicherry. Girls name Priya and Antiha . When semester over results came Priya secure 98% and Anitha secure 97% difference is 1%, Just 1% is difference Anitha little bit discredit her priya because of 1% she secure more than her but she don't think just 1% next time i will secure more than her this attitude later brings her positive think it healthy for people who nearest to you. If Anitha behave like this our surrounding people will judge our character is good then we good girl
    • officegirl
      Thank you for your answer. But can't we compete with one another without discrediting one another? Why didn't they congratulate one another and learn from one another?

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