• Try clearing your browser cache.If that doesn't work reinstall your browser or switch to a new browser.You should check your ram too. Buy an 8gb ddr3 ram or higher for best results
  • What browser? Are any other programs freezing? I have Firefox freeze from time to time but never Chrome. Try another browser and see if you face the same issues.
  • Try a manual update to get the latest version of the browser in question. They should update themselves but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will. Every new version has fixes for problems that occurred with earlier versions and have better security features. Good Luck : )
  • 2-24-2017 You can't just assume that everybody knows what you are talking about. The truth is, most of us are as stupid as you, except we happen to know some things and you happen to know different things. So if you want a straight answer you have to explain your question well enough for us to look up an answer. For starters, we need to know what operating system and what browser. It might be another program that you use, so what you really need is a knowledgeable friend to look and see what the trouble is. I use Win7 and Firefox and I fixed the freezing problem by installing an addon called "Clear Cache Button". Type "about:addons: in the url box. Scroll down and click "More Addons". Type "cache" in the search box. And there you go!

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