• This new AB needs to incorporate more of the old AB. This one is lacking some of the good features. such as thumbs down. Also the adult section.
    • dorat
      Agree with some, although the Adult section is still there. Go to Categories and type in "Adult." Plus the "Health" and "Society" sections deal with sex and gender issues, respectively. Other than that, I would day, give them time. It will take a while to get up and running.
    • dickw60
      Yes, I have gone there but it isn't like the old adult section was. I joined AB before 2010 but don't remember when for sure. I spent time in "time-out" several times because some did not understand what I was saying.
    • C3Po
      I agree with all that, as well as the community, before AB was about 20,000 strong, based on some numbers i read. now i have no idea, feels like not even 1000 members
    • Anonymous
      Yes, I'm old school AB: it seems the baggers are in isolation now.
  • I was the old AB as well. I think it will take a little while for it to catch up. Would be nice to have the private message feature again!
    • Bootsiebaby
      I mentioned that to Dan on a comment after he answered one of my recent questions. I don't know how long it will be before we have one, but I'm sure it won't be long now. :)
  • Yes, I joined in 2011. I was Bootsiebaby on the old site as well. I'm sure you remember me, I was quite well-known on the old site. I always had platform boots on my avatar.
  • I was on the old one. I just tried it today to see if it was back up. Never did know why it was shut down.
    • Boola Boo
      I heard there was a lot of cyber hanky panky going on.
  • Yes I was on there for several years. Just now trying this new one.
  • i tried the Old AB for a few hours and than deleted my account but i can tell you that this new AB is much worse functionality wise but its interface does look better....
  • Aye, I was on the old one. Seemed to spend much of my time in the penalty box though. Does seem a bit limited compared to the old one.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Hi, neilychops? Remember me?
    • neilychops
      Indeed I do, You sprung me from the penalty box. How are you Bootsiebaby?
  • I was on the old Answerbag. I am glad that someone tried to start it again. I still miss the notification feature, it would make it easier to check for feedback. Just give it some time.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Yes, we all remember you on the old Answerbag.
  • Yes, I had the same name and avatar.
  • Yes,you are right,,,I asked in Dec.2016 about points and chat. It is March 10,2017..They got so far and I imagine gave up. I'll check in and after awhile give up.
  • Yes I was "Anonymous" for over six years. No question the former site was at one time more interesting because of the quality of the people involved. 2009 to about 2012. Present version has some good people and , thank God, is still free of the negativity that came eventually to dominate the former site after a while. And is still free from the across-the-board censorship that eventually ruined the old site for me.
  • This new setup does not seem to be as good as the old one....
    • Bootsiebaby
  • I was.
  • I was here. Kept to the religious sections mostly. I'm using a different Avatar this time and am trying to just have fun with it this time, until there's enough people on this site to get back into more serious debates.

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