• I think all TV "doctors" are frauds. The worst being Dr. Oz he's a complete buffoon and if you were ever sitting with an intelligent person in the medical field they would tell you what shit he's giving away as advice. Dr.Phil is considered more of a psychologist on tv. psychology is another made up study that really just psycho analyzes. you literally have someone who wouldn't pass a psychopath test assessing to see if others pass the test. its true irony and there is more proof to the ignorance of those researchers and psychologists being insane and mentally unstable and they're the ones who analyse, the insane testing to see if you're insane.... The whole field of psychology is trash to me, i don't find any of it meaningful. considering it is a product of the jews its probably just a lie. The whole field was created in such a short time and they diagnose people with brain or emotional disorders, there seems to be dozens of new psychological disorders every year added to the mental health encyclopedia, its truly pathetic. literally there are thousands of mental disorders listed, and if one would read to see if theyre crazy, everyone will end up relating to at least 5 disorders..So i think theyre all frauds. Their health and nutritional advice is basic at best and not even worth noting. To me a tv doctor is just as credible for life advice as a tv reality star like kim kardashian giving advice to little girls on how to be a 'popular' woman. its arrogant and pathetic.
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  • Not sure what you mean. He exists and he has a TV show that I guess people watch so what is "fake" about that?
  • According to a bit of research I've done via Google; while it seems Dr. Phil legitimately has several degrees in psychology, he'd gotten his start when he teamed up with one Thelma Box, a Texas businesswoman in presenting a series of seminars and it's believed by critics that the terminology, phrases and more used on his show were actually coined by Box, in addition, he apparently profited from those seminars without either crediting or mentioning Box. He was also sued in 2006 for fraud, deceit, emotional distress and more by two brothers who were guests on his show claiming that their interview was manipulated and then broadcast as accurate. His critics believe him to be "At least simplistic and at worst ineffective". "McGraw's advice and methods have drawn criticism from some fellow psychotherapists as well as from some laymen. McGraw's critics regard advice given by him to be at best simplistic, and at worst, ineffective.[61] The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill has called McGraw's conduct on his television show unethical and irresponsible.[62] McGraw said in a 2001 South Florida newspaper interview that he never liked traditional one-on-one counseling, and that "I'm not the Hush-Puppies, pipe and 'Let's talk about your mother' kind of psychologist."[" - Wikipedia Phil McGraw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He wouldn't have succeeded as a television personality if his tactics and the situations he deals with haven't to some extent been dramatized and scripted for entertainment. I've never watched him, I don't watch those type of programs but I've gotten a sense of how out there the stories featured on his show can be. I assume the same goes for all other medical "professionals" who are on television.
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  • No, I do NOT!! We went to the same college and I believe him.

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