• I tried quiche once, it was okay...I not only eat yogurt, I make it..."What flavor?"...I eat it unflavored... I don't know if you ever watched or even heard of the great TV show "Burn Notice"...
    • Ice man
      No, the show is new to me but I watched a couple more clips that followed your link and it looks good. I'll hunt it down and give it a watch. How long has it been on ? Like you I had to try quiche, and it was alright but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. I can't eat plain yogurt. I've tried a few types and flavors but only found one that I liked. My local supermarket stopped getting it (I think I was the only one that bought it)..
  • My husband doesn't eat yogurt, he can't stand it.
    • Ice man
      So what about you ? I can't eat the plain stuff.
  • Will always be men whose insecurities limit there doing one thing or another. I have seen men eat yogurt at work. I don't have it at my house but I do sometimes cook with sour cream and, yes, men, including my husband, have eaten the things I make with it.
    • Ice man
      LOL Alrighty then. : )
  • Of course we do.
    • Ice man

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