• Has to do with what you take into your body - expansive foods like alcohol, candy, sweets, soda pop, ice cream, fruits, and things like drugs. Could also be related to smoking.
  • 8-9-2017 It is normal to lose hairs. Hairs from different parts of the body fall out at different rates, so it's hard to keep track of how many or how fast you are losing. If it gets to be a problem, then you need professional advice.
  • Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? Stress is also a factor are you under a lot of stress?
  • Today, many people believe "hair loss" is a single disease. However, there are different types of hair loss. Some affect men, and others affect women. Some are genetic, and some are caused by underlying factors. If you're suffering from thinning hair, identifying the type of hair loss and its causes are the first steps. Read more >>>

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