• Hey, I bet you have been smoking for a while now and can be called as addicted! I was a smoker for six years of my life, and last two years it was hell of an experience to me, and therefore I decided to quit. After failing for almost 50 times, my friend suggested me one Ebook - Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking! This has helped me, and I hope you will also be able to quit smoking after going through this book, You need to find out whether smoking is helping you in any way or just making you sick. Also you should give this a quick read to detox your lungs .
  • I started smoking at age 16, and only stopped like 15 years ago. Chronic bronchitis and the leftist-loser Meathead (Rob Reiner) constantly getting the cig tax increased every year was my incentive. Hopefully you can find your own, and before you get stuck with COPD. I detail my painless method here --- --- see the post by Martin Jaeger.
  • I smoked for over 30 years. My incentive to quit was a diagnosis of emphysema 16 years ago (I have beaten the emphysema). [] I have since developed a method of quitting that I believe would be quite successful. For one thing, smoking isn't just being addicted to nicotine - it's also a habit involving the hands. When driving down the road, a smoker unconsciously reaches for his pocket for a cigarette out of habit or boredom - not necessarily because he needs another injection of nicotine. [] But before a person can quit, he needs the right reason - something that means more to him than his unconcern for his own health. Programs that involve "tapering off" are useless - after going hours or days without smoking, the moment you light up again you're just as much of a smoker as if you'd never gone that long without a cigarette. [] I propose keeping an empty pack of cigarettes in the shirt pocket or other place that you automatically reach for to grab a smoke. Pulling out the empty pack will help remind you they you're trying to quit. If you forget and throw the pack away, you might try inserting a photo of someone you care a great deal for inside the cellophane. Seeing this and thinking about how they'd feel if they lost you will keep you on track. I calculate that it would take approximately 2 weeks for the nicotine to get out of your system enough for the cravings to dissipate.
  • Well, I am living proof that cutting down before you quit can help. For various reasons, I cut down to about half my usual consumption for a month before I quit. When I realized that my body was craving nicotine less, that's when I decided I could probably quit altogether. Stopping was almost certainly easier because I'd been smoking so much less for that month. (The technique I used was to force myself to wait for each cigarette until a certain point each hour.) But you need good incentives to quit, and it can be hard to find them when you are still young and healthy. Finances can be one good incentive -- think of all the money you'll save! Once you decide to quit, some tactics that are helpful are sucking and chewing on plastic straws; sucking small candies like breath mints; and sipping water through a straw. Getting plenty of exercise is helpful, too, as is keeping yourself as busy as possible. Boredom is always a problem when you are trying to quit. I quit almost 11 years ago, and it was definitely worth it, so good luck to you!
  • if you are serious and you want to quit you will Quit.but if ya say ya cant quit ya wont!!!!! now this is how i did it..↓ i quit in 2006.. i used patches for day time use ..not for sleeping.. i chewed that nicorette gum as well for about a week..chemist said it was ok to use both .. but then i thought it will be real expensive ..the patches and the i gave the gum away..... and just used PK chewing gum ..and each morning my mouth felt so beautiful and fresh ,and after time,..i was getting addicted to that PK in the morning hahahTrue , so i thought oh no, id better stop ,cause i also was getting a sore tongue and little ulcers :) but you know what the secret is??? SELF TAlK. every now and then id get an urge to smoke .. then id say to myself ,i dont smoke any more and i love the fact i dont smoke.. and i was so happy i did not smoke.. i felt FREE.. i dont STINK and i feel so RICH ..the patches are cheaper than what my smokes were for the week .. i took about 5 months before i was brave enough to stop the patches .,. i asked the chemist if it was OK., what i did, i weaned my self off the patches by cutting a patch into 3/.4 .. not sure now if i did that for a month or a week..( anyways i used the last packet for this) '' then i cut it in half.. then i cut the half in half lol ..and id stick them on with bandaids or even sticky tape doing this ,made it easy to wean off them and even NOW i tell myself no matter how stressed /sad etc ..ill Never smoke again cause its so good not smoking..FREEDOM!!!!!!! PS..hubby went cold turkey..and thats ok. if you can..but i needed the patches dont forget ..self talk is really the secret./.if ya say ya cant do it..ya cant........ dont eat food to replace smokes ,computer was my smoke haha ..have water

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