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  • Why do older men want younger women?
  • Maybe because love knows no age.......Yes! Thats it!!
  • I saw a TV documentary on age differences, and they said that older men prefer younger women, but that older women do not prefer younger men. They don't agree with your basic assumption. I bet some women prefer younger men because of the sexual energy they can provide.
  • It's actually an issue that is addressed by evolutionary psychology. Men are attracted to younger women because they are the most fertile and will remain so for a longer period of time. Women are attracted to men based on the appearance of strength and the ability to protect their children as well as pass on those genes to the next generation.
  • I certainly don't! i couldn't and wouldn't consider dating a younger man, even when they are 30 they are still immature compared to myself! no offense chaps tis true though :)
  • I was married to someone my same age for 11 years and after that had a long-term relationship and engagement with someone 10 years older than I. Now I'm dating someone 10 years younger, and he is much more mature, more loving, and more affectionate than the exhusband and exboyfriend put together. The exhusband was physically abusive, and the exfiance was insecure and just plain stupid. So as you can see, there's good and bad at any age.
  • I am not so sure. You see it go both ways but people are more disturbed by a younger man and an older women. I prefer a guy my age or older one year younger then me is not a big deal at all but when you start talking 5-6 years older then I just cant do it, because guys that are 22 verses my being 28 are at a completely different place in there lives then I am. I know of a couple men dating older women and it makes me want to throw up, because yeah these women might only be about 6 years older but when they look old enough to be there mommies then it is gross. I think it also depends on how there life is going, some might be looking for that mommy figure in there life because of things that might be going on with them emotionally. Yeah thats what I think. at least in the two cases I have scence
  • its pretty obvious... midlife crisis? better sex? better looks? idk..
  • OUR SEX DRIVES GET OUT OF CONTROL in our 30's and 40's, at least I can say so for myself and many women I know. Men our age aren't always able to "keep up" with a lot of us, so we look to younger men to keep us happy :) I'm only 30 myself, and although I haven't hit my sexual peak yet, this is already the case for my sex drive. I'll be in a straight jacket by the time I'm 40, given the rate that's going.
  • l just got in one and am about to find out what she wants from me. Sex is great:) l think she likes me and l like her too. She is married and am not. We never talk about her relationship. l never bring it up and we are just doing this till it last. She got great kids, and l know she loves em dearly. l don't expect anything from her and so is she and we only talk when we get time. l got a good job and so is she. l take care of me and l can take care of her. She is 10 yrs older than me. l pay for everything because l can. Sometime she wants to, but l insist. Just hard to get a good woman my age. Am 30. Am kinda blocking any emotions from going over because l know we are not going anywhere further than sex and good conversation buddys And she is super beautiful. Very Beautiful. l tell her that everyday. Sometimes we can just sit and talk for a long time about nothing and just have a great time together without the sex. But, Sex is good. She told me she is into me. l like her too, a lot.mmmhhhhhh
  • When sexual attraction blurs in with maternal protectiveness, this is the result.
  • Maybe they like to know they can get it up
  • ? who knows ? maybe they figure a new model will give them better mileage ~ lol :)
  • The same reason men do, so they can feel younger.
  • They think its some pathetic badge of honor. It IS, for the desperate crowd trying to impress equally desperate members of the same crowd.

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