• There are so many variables to this question, that is probably why you haven't gotten any answers yet. Try this - iso 400, f2.8, 5secs. then this -iso 400, f2.8, 10secs. Make sure these are taken on a tripod.
  • Successful night photos are made with a great deak of exposure variation. Assuming you are using a camera that will allow you to vary the shutter speed and aperture, you should determine the f-stop (aperture) first and then vary the shutter speed. I would suggest an aperture of f8 or f11 abd then a shutter speed of 30 seconds, followed by 60, 90, 120 seconds. Good luck !
  • I don't remember exactly for the night sky, but for a full moon: iso 400, F8 or F11, 1/60 or a second on a tripod is good

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