• I'm prejudiced towards Italian, because it is the one I learnt. It is a sweet, musical language that is pretty logical to learn. Of course, if you are in the USA, Spanish would be the obvious one. You can make so much use of it. I speak a bit of Spanish and I like it almost as much as Italian.
  • Spanish is the easiest/cleaniest of the Romance Languages to learn. Spanish can act as the gateway or a base for Italian and French. By learning the one well, you will gain insight into two more.
  • If you are open to learning Latin, you will get a great basis for other Romance languages. That said, I think Russian and Spanish would be quite useful.
  • I think Spanish would probably be the best to learn first. Italian would probably be the second choice. French and Romanian tend to be a little bit more difficult to learn and pronounce (Romanian possibly being one of the more difficult languages). I'm not an expert on the subject, but I've browsed a few websites on learning languages. Of course, I would think that learning Latin first might be useful.
  • They say German, is the easiest, Spanish is ok a bit hard the RRRRoll the tongue depending on the the meaning of the word, French is very hard indeed, they seem to have this weird system of Masculine and feminine verbs... La and Le when describing an in-animate object where as we would just say 'the'... Portugese similar in parts to Spanish... Greek forget it... Ridiculous heiroglyphic's!
  • Good answers all. I agree that if you can take Latin, it will help you very much. It will even make learning German a little easier and really helps with Spanish, Ialian, French, Portuguese and Romanian. I think that Spanish and Italian are equally easy. If you build up your English vocabulary, you will know many of the words. Also, one of them puts you more than half way to the other. Basic German is very easy and you already know hundreds of words, though they are slightly disguised. Your own situation, neighborhood and knowledge will also push you in one direction or another. Happy learning!
  • I toook Latin and even though it was a little tough it has helped me significantly with other languages especially English. It is so useful for word meanings and is similar to most European languages, especially Italian and Spanish.
  • Stick to the Latin based ones and you should do okay. Spanish, Italian and oven French, will flow from one to the other. It kind of depends whee you plan on using your language skills.
  • I suggest one of the Latin based languages like Spanish, French, or Italian. Learning one will help with learning the others in terms of sentence structure, gender, and verb conjugation..
  • As many have already suggested, you could start with the Latin-based ones, such as Italian or Spanish. I'm considering learning another foreign language after reading this article

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