• Christian theology includes the belief in only one Deity, Yahweh, who has only two destinations for humans after death: His kingdom (Heaven), and Hell. In order to get into Yahweh's kingdom, one must accept Jesus Christ as the savior who paid for your sins. Therefore, by Christian definition, anyone who does not accept Jesus in this manner will, by default, go to the other destination - their Hell. In addition, Catholics believe that one must partake of the sacraments through the official Catholic Church in order to go to Yahweh's kingdom. This is why excommunication is such a big deal in Catholicism. You will not receive your sacraments. An excommunication order is, in effect, dooming one to this Hell (per Catholic doctrine/dogma). Catholics also believe in a third place, Purgatory, where one spends time in attonement for sins before being admitted to Yahweh's kingdom. However, one must die in Yahweh's grace to go even there.
  • Is it because the non-Catholics have lined up the Catholics to go into their (non-Catholic) hell?
  • Having been raised Catholic (casually) and having been around a few, I've never known a Catholic to have this attitude. As opposed to various fundamentalist denominations of Protestants, who aren't shy about making such claims.
  • Because many Catholics are arrogant, but I am not one of them and they don't represent me. Central Kansas
  • I am Catholic, I think you have been mis informed. I've never heard anything like that before. There is only one Judge of man, and that is God. I try very hard never to judge anyone. I cannot see into their heart, how than could I possibly know what's in their soul? I should watch my own indiscretions and that should keep me busy as not to gossip out of ignorance.
  • You statement is inaccurate. This statement is simply not in the Theology of the Catholic Church. Full Stop.
  • because the catholics, and christians in general are quite closeminded, and pretty much everyone is going to hell, because if you dont follow their set strict ways to control your life, boom you're going to hell.
  • Don't all religionists believe that Non-Believers are going to their hell?
  • Because it is what they believe will happen. Which means, if they are correct a lot of people Catholics included will be going there.
  • Catholics do not belive that at all, it is the person.
  • I had a person tell me that before. Not sure if they were Catholic or not. Anyway, when I told him they had their beliefs and I had mine, they told me it was the bible that said that, not them. Which confused me since they were obviously of that religion. Don't you have to believe it too? Whatever. But apparently the reason people believe that is because what they follow must say that.
  • Because they haven't read their Catechism and other texts explaining the Church's teachings.
  • I thought that was the Baptists; no?
  • prob most of them
  • Oh, trust me, I go to a NON-DENOMINATIONAL church and they even say that!!! So it's not just the Catholics.

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