• I believe what you are looking for is emancipation. Basically it means you would take on the responsibilities of an adult. This means that you must be able to financially support yourself, you must have a place to live, you must be emotionally and mentally stable. This will give you the right to sue buy/sell property (including vehicles) enroll yourself in school become completely responsible for ones actions however, the court must determine that it is in your best interest. so if you just don't get along with your parents, its probably not going to happen, but if they beat you, verbally abuse you, or in some other extreme way hurt you, than you will probably get out. I do not know if there are laws regarding emancipation in Connecticut, however even if there are, you may not be granted emancipation until shortly before your 18th birthday. IF you go to this forum ( you can post a new thread and ask about emancipation in your state, and they will let you know if there are any laws, or else how to go about it.
  • No. "Re: 17 leaving home, CT, without parental consent Thanks for posting on our bulletin boards. It sounds like you want some legal information concerning leaving without consent. It
  • i think they might need their parent's permission to do that or they could try getting emancipated

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