• If I wanted the comforts of home I would have stayed at home. The whole point of traveling is to experience something that's different than your everyday life.
  • Travel is my passion and no inconvenience could be enough to spoil my trips.
  • No, if that were true, I woudn't keep traveling. I am getting to the point where I'd much rather stay in a hotel, than sleep on a coach bus (like I did on a trip to Venice to save money.), but I don't expect traveling to be as comforatable as home, particularly if I'm in a foreign country. That's the beauty of it though. Sometimes the best part of traveling is to see how far outside your comfort zone you can get, so that you can grow and learn something.
  • I guess I do not travel well but mainly because I do not like to travel at all.I am quit happy never leaving my house.
  • I travel better if it is just hubby and me...when you throw hubby, me and kids in the mix I would rather eat crickets than go on a trip with all of them..LOL Now me and the kids can travel well. So maybe me and kids should go on one vacation then me and hubby go on one vacation..yeah I think that would work!! I will say when I am on my way home I am always in a hurry to get home but I guess everyone feels that way.
  • Now that I know how to pack and can just let myself go with the flow more, I can travel and not let inconveniences bother me.
  • I like to travel, but I never sleep as well as I do at home. I need it dark, cold, quiet, with a fan going for white noise. I also have to the restroom which can get uncomfortable to say the least. haha
  • You have to roll with it. Travel is SUPPOSED to be different - or else why even do it? We take with us the basic comforts we need, and we book places that won't be stranger than we can deal with - and we go, and have a wonderful time. Every now and then something crappy happens, but really that's okay. Crappy things happen in the U.S. too. Travel is one of our great pleasures in life.
  • I do travel well,for ,strange as it may seem,I get tired and bored of the comforts of home.I lived on an Island in Greece .I lived in the countryside,without a toilet,running water,or electricity and had the time of my life.
  • I dislike the idea of travel but am usually good once I get there
  • As long as there is electricity, running hot and cold water and a roof over my head I travel quite well.
  • I like to travel, especially if I do not have to do it. I do not like to have to drive for a long distance without stopping, just because I have to reach some place. I would rather take the train. But when I am there, I enjoy it and if the country does not have the same comfort as I have at home, it is no problem for me.
  • I travel well. I'm a firm believer in "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." I only pack basics and irreplaceables like medicine, hygiene items, comfy slacks, good walking shoes, etc. and like to buy stuff along the way when I can. I go with the flow. Sometimes the highlight of a trip is when I get lost, or miss a ride and try something else.

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