• I agree totally,universal health care should be for all,especially in a first world nation.I see that the trolls do not agree .
  • Considering that Bush's tax cuts favor the 'haves' and not the 'have nots', absolutely.
  • I think we should go back to Clinton's plan to help the US economy. He was actually doing some good and then Bush jr. ruined it x(
  • Hmmmm I distinctly head Barry say he was against forcing people to buy health insurance and that he was not supportive of a universal health care plan.
  • No. Anything the government get's involved in will be a fiasco. Something as important as health care the government should stay far away.
  • yes. when the middle class, on average, pays a higher percentage per person than the top 10% something is incredibly wrong with the system ;)
  • That will not do it regardless... -- Switzerland has a mandate requiring everyone to be covered by private insurance. -- Poor people are subsidized as necessary to meet the mandate. -- There is no employer-provided or government-managed coverage. -- Sick persons pay the same price for health insurance as healthy persons in the same demographic category. According to its proponents, the Swiss system results in health care which is comparable to that in the most affluent U.S. states, while its per capita health costs are 40 percent lower than in the U.S.
  • I am screwed I'll loss my house the difference is about 1500 dollars a year but that is enough in this economy.
  • Barry has long been quoted as being in favor of a single-payer health system. Even way before he was a senator. He wants it, by hook or by crook. It appears he will say whatever he needs to , to make progress. First he said it won't cost the taxpayers anything. Then when pinned down , he said "We'll have to see" -- which means, it's gonna cost us plenty. He says he wants public and private insurance competing side by side but he wants to put systems in place that will make that impossible for private cos to exist, let alone profit. The bill being considered has a whole section about end-of-life care and he has talked about choice of pain killers and hospice rather than active treatment. Then he denies any limit in benefits based on age or disability or degree of illness or expense of treatment. He calls for town meetings. Then he calls the folks who disagree with him, MOB. Townhalls are to solicit response and boy is he getting it. When he doesn't get the response he wants, he resorts to name calling and police tactics. That mob is communicating very well their beliefs and fears and wants; he is trying to suppress not address. Bottom line: I've stopped listening to him on this topic. He will say whatever is expendient to get what he wants.
  • Yep. I didn't see a dime of the tax cuts, but even if I did I'd still be willing to forego them.
  • I guess I'm the only one who noticed the senator thing. Shame on you. Eat the rich & recycle their wealth.
  • No... It cannot save money. The one thing,Prescription drug price negotiation was removed from the table by Obama. The only way to lower cost is to lower prescription prices or for doctors to quit writing so many unnecessary prescriptions and to quit SELLING so many unneeded services and procedures.Obama's crap is just to make more money for the rich 2% of Americans. Is he a Republican?
  • The country has crumpling bridges,lousy freeways with potholes,underfunded schools,and the biggest thing NO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.If taxes remain low nothing will change,you pay for what you get.Other countries pay most of their health care through lotteries,and higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol.Health care is a right,not an option for those who can afford it,and health care should not be a for profit industry.
  • NO...but those breaks are gonna stop anyway...even the elderly won't see any breaks anymore.....NO..No,NO... this is awful scary just shows you they are trying to pull it off any way they can.. "they have no strategy'.....promising this ,promising that, but still have no a 'clue' how to pull this off ...those promises mean nothing...they just got to get their FOOT IN THE DOOR, somehow, some way, whatever it takes...and all working ,retirees, elderly will carry the entire burden...NO..

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