• Something totally unexpected - And natural -
  • My husband proposed to me 'formally' on the sky ride in Disneyland as we crossed thru the Matterhorn. I thought it was very romantic.
  • with love. nothing fancy necessary. heck, my husband proposed and I knew he was going to and I still thought it was romantic, because he loved me and I felt so honored that he had chosen me to spend the rest of his life with, and here he was asking!
  • certainly not the way i was proposed to but it was memorable
  • certainly not the way i was proposed to but it was memorable
  • when i was younger i used to think that by proposing in front of a restaurant or something would be lovely but like now i think the most romantic way in the world would be if say we were walking down in the park and its very pretty and all and just completely out of the blue, he just turned to me and asked me to marry him would be perfect i think. That's the epitome of a perfect proposal for me.
  • I think it should be done privately and it should come from the heart.
  • I have always wanted to proposed to in one of two different ways... 1. At a Dallas Mavericks basketball game on all of the monitors that are in the American Airline Center. I would love for the person who is proposing to me to go public and cause a huge scene. I would cry so hard!!!! 2. In New York at Central Park. I have never been to New York before so I would love to be proposed to in one of the places that I would love to go on my first trip ever goin! It would be a life time memory in more then one way!
  • Have a big party with family and friend. He should proclaim his love to her. They would make love for hours later on.
  • From the heart with honesty. No orchestras, no marching bands or exotic butteries.
  • Straight after particularly good sex.

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