• First off I'd do my research to get the winning numbers. I would then go to the area that had the largest lottery winnings ever without a payout and submit my winning ticket and collect my riches the next day. Who wouldn't?
  • If I could I would go back to 1977 when I graduated high school and WISE MY ASS UP. I would give me better direction than I had ,and try to turn the outcome of many things in my life, and mistakes I should not have made.
  • I would go to my Children's future and make sure they had a good life.
  • I think that I would just do the same with time travel as I do with normal travel. I would choose to go somewhere at a particular time, take something with me that could be accepted as a currency, and stay some time there. In some particular situation I would have to prepare myself better, for instance learning basis skills in the language. This would already be an interesting experience. I would not try to change big events or want to watch them, or talk to celebrities, no more than in my real life. Just try to make some people happy.
  • Go talk to Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • If it was possible, I would have traveled back 3 years ago with my best friend and start over again as friends. I really think that I messed up and now I'm regretting this. Now I haven't seen my friend since... <sniffles>
  • I would love to see Jesus and the Blessed Mother. What would I do? Listen to every word
  • I'd travel all over! Nip back to hang with the dinosaurs (and get out before the meteor hits...). I'd drop in on the ancient egyptian empire and teach them how to build pyramids... I'd spend some time in Rome at the height of the Roman Empire. Then I'd probably head for the future and just keep popping in for a year or so every couple of hundred - just to keep an eye on things!
  • i would go back in time a few years and kill Michael Vick
  • I would travel to 20 AD and meet Jesus.
  • i would go into the future and bring back some tight ass alien technology or something... show it off on the present.
  • Go to Victorian London or maybe Baltimore and live out my life as an eccentric naturalist. Or Travel back in time with the recipe for cocacola.
  • I would travel to 1840's-1870's. I would really love to go back to the Civil War. I would love to be a woman spy for the Confederate army!!
  • Just 3 days ago, and have another stab at the Lottery, knwing now what the winning numbers are !!
  • I would go back to 1994 and tell my mother she had cancer and we needed to get treatment for it before it was to late...
  • I'd go back to the 20s and upward to the 70s.
  • I would go back in time, fix all the things that i regret. I would go back and charish all the time lost and wasted. I would go and memorize all the faces of the people I care about. Then I would come back to the present and charish every minute, live every moment to its fullest, and appreciate all the people in my life.
  • as long as I get to take what I want to take with me sure, I don't know where I would go But I would like to explore where ever I end up .. ~Nemo~
  • i probably wouldnt , it would probably be harder than being here now

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