• HAHAHA yeah just like President and Bush.
  • no i dont think so
  • Yes. You have to think and BE peaceful to see and feel peace.
  • I do indeed! Just like intelligence organisation.
  • "peace force" was listed in an oxymoron list "peace enforcer" could also "be considered as" an oxymoron. Source: My comment: 1) if you define ein oxymoron as "a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms"..."used intentionally, for rhetorical effect", it is not an oxymoron (there is no figure of speech here) 2) if you define ein oxymoron as "expressions that are used without a sense of paradox by some but have been claimed to be"... "a simple contradiction in terms"", it could be one. But it would be polemic. 3) The main goal of the "peace enforcers" is peace. They try to avoid most of the evil consequences of war. The "force" that they use for this goal is not intended to produce this art of consequences. On the other hand, if the remedy appears, after a time, not very efficient or maybe worse as what existed before, it would be a good idea to change the strategy. Used Source:
  • HAHAHA yeah just like President and Obama.
  • 'Qui vis pacem para bellum' - 'he who seeks peace prepares for war' In order to seek peace, we must prepare for war. Just because we believe in peace doesn't mean other people feel the same. Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire. iwnit's answer says it best.
  • yes, i think so if it is like the policy of Bush administration and like china policy for Tibetan people

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