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  • For medicinal purposes?
  • You can just plant seeds around the same time when everyone else is planting tomatoes. But if you want to get some great results, do some more research. Look around in this forum: Here is a little instructional video: "Dr.Jupiter`s Guide to Marijuana Cultivation" It looks like a work in progress, you can subscribe to it here:
  • this growguide only works for female plants. allright man, cant beat a video production but my plants are better lookin than jupiters so listen up,, to start out ur plants strong, you need to get a regular washcloth and soak it in water, ring it out where its still moist. next fold it in half and place it on a plate. in betweeen the layers of the washcloth put as many seeds as you kan fit and cover them in the layers of the moist cloth- you must put this in a dry dark place as to not have it dry out, after about 2 days you will have seedlings about a half an inch long. now you have to plant them, and beleive me, its better to plant them directly into the same medium that you want them to grow in, regular 6 in. by 5 in. pots will do if you want them to be at a concealable growth level-(up to 3 or 4 feet). use foxfarm potting soil with the bat guano and sea going fish and all that, its good for the whole vegitative growth of the plant. when you place the seeds in the soil, make sure they are in the center of the pot. at a depth of like 3/4 inch, and with the seedling facing upward in the hole, cover the seedling and apply light pressure to allow it to have a solid environment to root. place the pots in direct sunlight and dip ur fingers in water and hover over planting sites dripping a couple of drops directly on the seedling. next you water it with about quarter glass once every 2 days, until you see it has developes 3 pairs of leaves, then increase watering to a quarter glass every day, especially if its extremely hot. over the next month your plants will grow very rapidly, even without any added nutrients- the foxfarm soil is the trick... when your plants are in the vegitative stage of growth, you should trim off very large fanleaves from the upper canopy of the plant so the bottom branches will get light as well-- always take off pairs of leaves and not just one side at a time,, and also do not take off more than 4 leaves off at a time, you wouldnt want ur female plant to turn into a male from stress...when your plants het about 7 or 8 inches from the height you want them to be, trim the tips off(just the couple bunched leaves on the tip,, dont trim below the top leaf split.. this procedure will produce 2 colas on the tip of the plant and slow down vertical growth, allowing all lower branches to stretch out and make the plant more of a bush. you also get multiple colas on the lower branches that are all just slightly smaller than the main one would have been if u hadnt chopped the top.. the lower branches can be chopped too in the same fashion when they expand far enough to snap the branches with the weight of the buds that are going to be growing on them you should sex the plant now, look at the part of the plant near the base where the two lower branches split from the main stem,there should be 2 hairs next to each other if its a female(they shud look like the hairs on dried bud) --if its a male it will look like a green hair but jus green and no color, and next to them there is a little egg shaped green budlet in the joint of the branches to the stem-- the planting time is 4-20 for northern california, but it all depends on rain and cloudy weather, marijuana loves hot, humid temperatures with lots of sunlight. the plants will bud when the sunlight hours and dark hours are equal at 12(daylight)-(12night)... and they will want a lot of phosporous heavy nutrients when the buds begin to form--just follow the directions on the bottle, and make sure its for flowering plants.. when your buds are done they should be full and thick, with a resin coating on them that will stick to your hand for a while. the smell will also be very potent. when this stage comes around you should stop fertilization for one week before harvest to cleanse the budz of any fertilizer that might be left in the structure of the plant. hang to dry in a closed, dry place like in a garage suspended from fishing line strung across the room or a similar situation. enjoy the smoke and overgrow the government fool!! and remember that there are some sick ass grow lights out there that cost nuthin but money after money, and then theres a flaming ball of molten lava about 300,000 times as wide as the earth ejecting all the light you need and then some for free!! and if u jus use the sun and introduce nutrients- you get a bud that is comparible to indoor hydro.. think about it.
  • with a thinking green mindset... growing it indoors produces some stunning yields but it is a waste of electricity
  • first u take some shit aka do do cause its better than fertilzer it may be nasty but u will have some str8 killa once its grown anyway plant it inside the shit after germination then once big enough keep whiching pots til they are big and leave them in the bigest pot soon u will have some good big ass buds and then it will pay off after playing in somebodys or somethings shit or poo
  • has a lot of good information on both indoor and outdoor growing.
  • out doors really isnt as hard as growing indoors but you do have to watch out for bugs eating your plants.... organic sprays help keep most of the bugs away.. first find nice seeds that arnt even the slightest bit cracked.. put them in a paper towl then fold it .. wet the towl.. stick the paper towl in a plastic zip-lock bag and set it in the sun.... let sit till seeds start to sprout.. plant the sprouts roots down, of course, then cover them up with not too much pressure. you whant to use a 10/15/10 fertilizer with the water when growing outdoors... it also helps to put worm dirt in with your soil, like the container of worms you buy at the store; let the worms free and use the dirt out of the box. Try to collect rain water to water them if not distilled water will work and put them in a place where they get just enough light and not throught the whole day just half until they start to bud then stick them out in the sun for all day... it helps the leaves dry out and easier to clip.. good luck
  • Ok?? then what exactly do you put in the water when your growing it? I've been trying and trying to find this information but what exactly do you put in your weed water when growing it, people tell me bleach, food colouring.. what do you use? please tell

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