• If there alredy in your lawn its too late for pre emergeants your best bet is going to be a systemic kinda weed killer make sure the lable say lawn safe. if your going powder weed killer you want to hit it early in the moring when the lawn is damp so it will stick and make sure there not alot of rain that week, now next year if you can them befor they pop up most of your step one lawn fert should take cear of it. the battle betwween man and the dandyloin has gone on for years many inventions have been made to battel this crafty foe. but the one that i ve seen that always works is hitting your knees and pulling them out by hand make sure to get the whole root. well good luck
  • I find plain table salt is effective. Good luck.
  • Get a Tortoise they love them. If you want them cleared quicker, put him on a skate-board.
  • There is a product that works well is Ortho's Weed b' Gone. It is a selictive so it will only target the weeds. Come spring dethach and airate your lawn and get it growing thick again. A healthy lawn is less likely go allow the weeds to germinate because the grass can block out the light to the weed. But I too would still use a pre-emergent. But it is hard to find one that works well with lawn.
  • Although it depends on the type of turf that you have, any 2-4D applied at suggested rates will kill dandelions in bermuda since it is a selective herbicide. The misconception about spraying is that you should spary after a recent mowing. However, you should spray or spot spary weeds when they have the largest surface area available i/e about week or so after last cut. Depending on amount of weeds, weather conditions, etc it might take up to three applications to get get a complete kill. Next spring apply a pre-emergence when soil temps reach about 55 degrees F to help control dandelion germination. Remember healthy, well maintained turf is your best defense againt weed encroachment.
  • wine making equipment then you can pick em and make wine with the dandelions

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