• My mother told me never let it go below half because you never know when you are going to get lost and not be able to fill up. For me that's every other minute because I drive a friggin SUV.
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  • I live in the suburbs, so I do it at 1/4th. I guess if you live in the country, where you'd easily have to drive 40 miles to the nearest station, you might want to go half. It also depends on the car you drive. Some people can go a week on a quarter tank. 1/4 for me.
  • Less than 1/4.
  • Things are a bit different living on small island. In Antigua there are times when gasoline are in short supply. Just this past week there was a problem because of a tanker boat being late to deliver gas to the island...some gas stations ran out of gas..and others were so busy the local police had to control the long lines. So for me I fill my tank at just 3/4 just never know on an island. Of course the island is only about 11 miles by 12 miles so gas lasts a good long time
  • At 1/4 tank simply because todays cars have electric fuel pumps in the fuel tank and the fuel is what helps keep the pump cool, when you let your tank go below 1/4 the fuel pump is no longer submersed in fuel and the pump begins to run hot. This causes stress on the pump and adds to shortening the pumps life.
  • in warm weather, I go just below the 1/4 mark; in cold weather, when it gets between the 1/2 and 3/4........
  • You mean I'm not supposed to wait until the little light comes on?
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  • I try to fill it every time it gets down to half or so. I like to keep it full in case there is an emergency. I'd hate to be in a long line waiting for gas because I didn't fill it up when I should have.
  • 1/4 tank. Based on what I've read (maybe: Consumer Reports?) it's supposed to be better for the engine because many impurities in the gas settle to the bottom of the tank. If you let it get too low then those impurities end up running through the fuel line and engine.
  • I try to time it for when the local price of gas is at its lowest, although I prefer to fill at around the ¾ mark. That way I don't have to pay so much so often. In cold weather, I fill it more often - less space for condensation to form means less watering down of the gas.
  • alot in my current pos hilux doesn't carry enough fuel. . When the light comes on I find a servo It can go about 60k's with the light on.
  • I try too fill up around 1/4 to 1/8 tank left. Waiting untill its gets to E and the light goes off from what I understand isn't very good from motor trader because you can get some dirt and crud buildup from the bottom to the gas tank in your fuel lines.
  • It depends if gas is increasing or decreasing in price but in the winter i never go below 1/2 a tank
  • at half a tank

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