• As you explain, you already have strong knowledge on this matter, so I'll just share my opinion instead of going trough the beginner stuff. In short, I would say: 40% Bitcoin 10% Ethereum 10% Litecoin 40% Other promising alt coins (sorry, I'm just not a fan of ripple, although it might give decent profits) The last 40% is where it's getting interesting. I foresee a huge shift to anonymous crypto currency in 2018 and beond due to governments creating laws and legislation to gain controll in the crypto world. So personally, that's where i'm putting 40% of my investement. There are a lot of decent privacy coins, the established ones and the newcomers. Then you have the choice to go for an established one or a newer project. To spread my risk here, I chose to Invest 50% an already established privacy coin and 50% in a fairly new coin. My choice: Established: Monero. Reason: Of the already established privacy coins, Monero is the post private and has a good adoption rate. (less risk, less potential profit) New: DeepOnion: Reason: Due to native TOR integration, this coin is even more private than monero. next to that, they have a huge and active community that expands on daily basis. I can see them go head to head with monero in the near future. (bit more risky, huge potential profit) just my opinion......... good luck with your choice.
    • vectisitch66
      i agree that Deeponion can be better than monero in the long term. i am a privacy coin collector and have a number opf what you would call privacy coins. i see these types of coins really take off in the future as governments look to control the crytp market more. and because it's best to get in early on a new coin the nDeeponion is an obvious choice to invest in. with native Tor and comine features deeponion can compete and actually be better than the other privacy coins available at this time

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