• First you would decide what theme you would like,and the style of furniture you will buy or furniture you already own.Then you would figure out if you like the carpet or change it to wood flooring with a persian carpet on top.You could design you own lighting to make the room more exiting.Then next is the colors of the walls.This is where one can become creative without spending a lot.I would tend to take a half way mark on the walls and paint them two tone,with the darker tone on the bottom.Then where the colors meet put a narrow molding.They used to do this many decades ago and it adds class.Another idea is paint then faux the walls,which gives the walls a deeper 3-D effect as well as covering blemishes.Decorative painting and murals are a good idea to set the mood of the room.
  • Strip all the existing wallpaper off the walls, use a steamer if necessary, sandpaper the woodwork, then start to decorate with either paper & paste or paint the nice. clean dry walls.

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