• No, they are not the same.Chigger bites are the larvae of mites. They feed on fluids in skin cells, they do not burrow under the skin and they dont spread disease but can get infected. You'll have an itchy red bump and generally will be aquired by being in damp areas with lots of vegetation. Scabies is a contagious disorder of the skin caused by very small wingless insects or mites. The female burrows into the skin where she lays 1-3 eggs daily. If untreated, female will continue to lay eggs for 5 weeks. Scabies is spread by personal contact. Common among school children, families, roommates and sexual partners. Can be spread by insect itself or egg. Sulfur has been used 6-10% in lotion or cream for years but you may be allergic. First, try a sauna and/or try bathing, washing or soaking in diluted Lice R Gone Shampoo, Safe Solutions, Inc.. Enzyme cleaner with peppermint, or sulfur and/or borax.Then call dr. to make sure you are no longer infected. All clothes, towels and bedding should be laundered in hot water with peppermint or borax. Rash should clear up in two weeks.

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