• I'd say yes!
  • Yes we all do bleed the same. Cut me you see. I love this song.
  • 10-4-2017 Sorry, I just can't get into philosophies presented in rhyming cliches. Your proposition might have some philosophical merit, but it is factually incorrect. Even as a philosophy it needs a lot of explaining.
  • true and sometimes i wish people wouldnt be racist
    • Rick Myres
      The culture thing was going on in the Bible. One example was about the good Samaritan the people passing by and not helping.
  • Disagree. I understand the positive message being attempted, but people generally aren't really that sophisticated - especially when angered. The problem isn't people thinking each other different -we are all individuals - But getting into a state of mind where we abuse the other for being such.
    • Linda Joy
      I see your point. But I think the statement and sentiment are true. we all basically want the same things for ourselves, our families and our lives. Our DNA is 99% identical as humans. We really are basically the same. And we need Unity as well as that 1% diversity to make us strong. Worldwide!
  • That's what Shakespeare's Shylock said.
  • Disagree. The Hapsburgs bleed more rapidly and Octpuses bleed blue.
  • Says the hypochondriac (jk)
    • Linda Joy
      I wish! I can't even remember the last time I called the VA hospital for an appointment! Its always them calling me scheduling something! I'm not a hypochondriac, I'm just old and decrepit!!
    • wiseacre
      My apologies there. I should have put JK on it too, as you can safely assume.

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