• Everyday. However I just wait to grow up and see if I'll ever meet that special person.
  • Yes and no. Excluding my family, I know that no one loves me like THAT, and that's lame. But I'm very young and would not expect to find someone at this age in this place. On the other hand, I know that my friends love me becuz I provide them an amazing good time and continual fun and laughter, and for the moment, i'm good with just that.
  • Once. I was very depressed at the time. Of course I was wrong. :)
  • yeah i feel like that sometimes... cry myself to sleep.. but then wake up the next day and see my two kids... and i realized they love me ... and they all i got in this life... they cheer up my day....
  • Whoa…Girlfriend! Did you draw all of those pictures on your website? You are an amazing artiest!
  • Yes I have felt that no one loves me. My advice to you is do not listen to that negative self talk. That is critical to your well being. If you can throw out one negative thought and keep building on that notion then you will feel better about yourself and you will feel that you are lovable. And then someone will love you. Some days it seems bleak that love is absolutely unattainable but try to kick that idea to the curb and think about how you can come to Answerbag and meet others in the same boat, you will feel better and others will feel better.Rest assured you will find love of some level here on Answerbag.
  • There was a time when I was 18 and nobody did like or love me. I was abandoned when I needed someone so bad and there was no one. There were people around but I was was the worst feeling in the world. I wish I had known that everything would have been alright because at that moment I was so low that nothing mattered because I mattered to no one. Thankfully I made it past that moment in time when going to sleep and never waking up sounded really good.
  • ohh yes think we all get that noone loves me feeling i get it quite often usualy when the kids have played up all day and im feeling run down. maby thats just me if so oooppps
  • All the time!!
  • Yes most of the times and its not a good feeling.
  • yes before i got married, n guys kept beaking my heart
  • yes , since i never have anyone to hang out with
  • yes, all the time

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