• Is this a question about oral sex?
    • Linda Joy
    • Linda Joy
      email me.
    • artemesia2
      Is that a fancy term for cannibalism? If so my response is heck NO!!!
  • No, but many have participated in anthropolatry.
    • Linda Joy
      What kind of poultry is THAT?!! jk.
  • What'd you just call me? :P
    • Linda Joy
      Wakko! Wakko, wakko, wakko!
  • not yet
  • No, I'm vegetarian.
    • Linda Joy
      For real? No joke? Win, place, show?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      No joke. Haven't eaten an animal (including human) for twenty years. I guess I'm not familiar with the racing idiom, though. Is that like "across the board?"
    • Linda Joy
      Its from Rick and Bubba. A radio show. Basically means all kidding aside. I haven't sworn anything off, but I'm cutting back on meat so I won't have to take the cholesterol medicine. And I've started taking whey and soy in a protein shake. I'm about to give up! I'm tired! All these adjustments and it doesn't seem to make a difference! I'm just impatient.

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