• My son was 12 earlier this year and I bought him a ticket to see Little Mix (his favourite pop group). I think he will appreciate a wallet and cufflinks when he is older than 12.
  • a puppy, he'll love that
  • A Bicycle ;)
    • Nosmo King
      As long as he remembers not to ride it on the pavement. That is most important.
  • Try a gas ATV! My son is 11, he's obsessed with the quad. I checked some reviews before purchasing. Here's the review that helped me pick the ATV: I chose the 125cc ATV that is age-appropriate. What a beast! I wish I could fit the seat too 😆
  • My sister bought me the single "Billy Don't Be A Hero" by Paper Lace for my 12th birthday. It got to number one that very day (March 16, 1974).

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