• It is evidently a trait of members of Abrahamic religions to hate anyone who does not share their exact beliefs. Christians and Muslims have warred for centuries, and Protestants often hate Catholics.
    • Jimmy205
      And let's not leave the Jews out of the equation. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are a theoretically worshiping the same god, they are siblings. Each has sects within it and when they are not fighting their sibling, the sects fight each other. Such as Sunni vs. Shiah, protestant vs. catholic, orthodox vs. reformed.
  • not sure why
  • It is because they think they are right and anyone who is not their particular religion must be wrong.
  • They don't hate your belief - they know nothing about it - but they usually hate you and your self righteous attitude.
  • How did you come about knowing Christians hate Catholics? How many Christians have you asked if they hate Catholics or are you just assuming that for some reason? I don't believe Christians hate Catholics so there's no answer for you
  • As a devout catholic, I'm surprised you'd be so willing to spread these lies. I've never known one single Christian who said they hate Catholics or expressed this sentiment in any way. The closest to this I ever heard was a woman whose husband was Catholic (in name) said to me "I just can't be Catholic". But I'm sure there are some. There are exceptions in any group. But my Christian religion teaches: “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.” —Articles of Faith 1:11 You are loved by this Christian!
    • Hulk70156
      @Linda Joy: Your profile says you are LDS. That means Latter Day Saints, and that means Mormon. Mormon's have a "Book of Mormon" which is co-equal to the Bible. But the Catholic Church does not recognize that book therefore you cannot be catholic. In other words, you aren't Catholic unless the Pope says you are. You may be Christian but the word "Catholic" as is common used in the English language refers specifically the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, specifically the Vatican.
    • Linda Joy
      You are spreading lies. My profile does not say I'm LDS and I did not say I was catholic. I said: "As a devout catholic, I'm surprised you'd be so willing to spread these lies." However its obvious to me you were so willing to attack me you didn't even care if you got your facts straight first. Please pray before you post. Something I need to do as well.
    • Linda Joy
      And LDS could mean Last Druid Standing for all you know! Don't rush to assume. I am LDS, but what you saw in my profile was simply an email address. Jeez! And I can claim to be the POTUS if I want! With all the lies everyone else is telling on this page why shouldn't I?
  • Gosh who knows, perhaps it has something to do with the thousands of children who were sexually molested by your priests while the Catholic church was protecting the child molester priests. Or maybe it had something to do with priests who were identified as child molesters then moved to different locations so they could pray on other children or be promoted to bishops. That pretty much does it for me.
    • Cry me a River
      Not to mention the Spanish Inquisition, where born again believers were brutally tortured by catholics.
    • dalcocono
      The Church has to own the black eye caused by the sins of the fathers, no 2 ways about it. However, the Spainish inquisition was done by Ferdinand and Isabella of the united kingdoms of Aragon and Castille, They had just managed to toss the Islamic occupation out of Spain after approx 800 years of rule. They were zealous in removing Muslims and Jews, who they perceived as allies of the Muslims from the borders of Spain. The pope at the time ordered it stopped, but the king and queen refused to stop until their political and religious objectives were achieved. "Pope Sixtus IV attempted to put a stop to it. On April 18, 1482, he wrote to the bishops of Spain: In Aragon, Valencia, Mallorca, and Catalonia the Inquisition has for some time been moved not by zeal for the faith and the salvation of souls but by lust for wealth." At this point in history, there were no "born again believers".
  • As a former Catholic who denounced the religion, how can you (as a Catholic) support such a sexually predatory cult? You're the purveyors of the 10 Commandments but are the first to violate the second one that talks about graven images - and you adorn the church and everything associated with it with statues of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary (and pray to these "idols") and others. I was born a Catholic and even went to a Catholic school when I was younger. I've since opened my eyes and realized what was going on around me and how the church has become a "don't do as I do - do as I say" organization. It's like Zionism only with support from the Vatican.
  • Probably has something to do with the massive amount of PEDOPHILIA and CHILD RAPE that has happened inside your churches at the hands of priests and other church leaders, and the massive cover-up and systemic LIES that followed. And then, you followers turned a blind eye to it, and continued to feed a lot of money to the Child Raping Machine. And then - there is the horrible, bloody history of the mass-murdering Christian/Catholic Cult --- which has killed more people throughout history than any other identifiable group of people.
  • Much of the modern anti Catholic animosity is fueled by the notorious "chick tracts". These were anti Catholic propaganda disseminated by Jack Chick, a rabid Catholic hater. His little cartoon tracts spread lies and misinformation about Catholic doctrines and practices. This all stems back to the era of the reformation and the hatred between Catholics and protestants.
  • How about the fact that so many catholics around the world are in poverty while the Vatican holds obscene wealth. That wealth could be spread around to the world, at least to other catholics in need. And then there is the child molesting thing. The catholic church is a criminal organization.
  • i know why some dont agree with your religion, it is because Catholics worship Mary but they are not nice christians ,pretty fake as they should not hate .
  • I would offer several reasons. Catholicism is considered out of date by many Catholics. I was born "Catholic" however I am in favor of couple's divorcing, and am favor of abortion. Both are opinions that are favored by the majority of America. In addition to the many stupidities of the Catholic Church, ie The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, the Recognition of Mussolini's fascist state, the purchasing of indulgences for sin, and having yet to weed out homosexual child molesters, doesn't qualify you for being a disciple of Christ. That itself is reason enough to distrust the Catholic church.
  • It is all about an unlimited god, where Catholics like to play that he is overly limiting in so much.

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