• Excess body weight is strongly correlated with high blood pressure. Any weight reduction in overweight patients, even as little as 10 lbs., has been linked to a corresponding drop in blood pressure. Some people are able to bring their blood pressure into a normal range through weight loss alone.


    Lower Your Blood Pressure

  • Any significant loss helps. I lost 50 lbs and all of my numbers came down.
  • Lowering blood pressure is more than just losing weight. It also involves staying properly hydrated. And recently, I discovered that there's even more to it. A proper diet is needed to get the correct vitamins and minerals the body needs to function properly. High blood pressure is a symptom that something is lacking in your diet - a chemical imbalance. The trick is to discover what that "something" is and correct it (a mission I've been on for months with no success). Medications do nothing but manage the problem - a good thing for people who need them, but they should only be used for the short term. The person should have a doctor who is inquisitive as to why something goes wrong, not just educated with the pharmaceutical knowledge to treat it.
    • Charin Cross
      Try Balance of Nature.
  • cant be over weight { but sninny people can have high BP also } dont have much salt and dont eat foods that clog ya arteries up ..cut out all trans fats

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