• IF the child is SIXTEEN and can pay for the tat him or herself ... +5
  • depends on how old the child is. i say 17 at the youngest. it also depends WHERE they want to get the tattoo and what design the tattoo is
  • No definitely not.
  • That is up to them. I don't want to tell parents what to do. I personally would allow it at 17 if my child would REALLY want it.
  • it all depends on the child's age, I kinda draw the line at 18 and if they can pay for it let them get it.
  • If a child wants a tattoo then the parent might get some tattoo stickers for the child. The child should be told in very certain terms that permanent tattoos they can have if they still want them after they are all grown up and are adults when they can decide all on their own.
  • @#$% NO, k! Parents gotta have more sense! ;-)
  • Not before eighteen. After that you can only cringe when they come home with a snake entwined down their arm. I never got the reason for big, gross tattoos. Why would a young person want to debase their beautiful young bodies with such crud? I am not totally against tattoos. Some small ones can be very elegant. My brother has one and so does his son. They are small US Marine Corps emblems on their shoulder. I can understand that. They were both Marines. And some women have very beautiful floral tattoos...but small and not "in your face". I have even considered getting a small USAF Air Medal on my upper arm or shoulder. I flew in the AF as a combat crewmwmber and I was awarded the Air Medal...a diving eagle. It would make a neat tattoo. And it would say something. But I just can't get the big, gross, demonic stuff kids are getting today. Don't they know it is there for life?
  • Absolutely not. If a parent lets a child get a tattoo, that parent should be reported to DYFS because that act is showing they have no control over their children and what they do and want. +5
  • I don't think they should because many children regret it later in life and sometimes businesses won't hire people that has a noticeable tattoo. They could also get HIV it the tattoo place is careless and doesn't clean the needles very well.
  • Absolutely not. When they are 18, they can choose to do it then.
  • I'm covered in tattoos...but I do not allow my children to get tattoos....that is, until they turn 18, then it is their choice.
  • I'm a parent and I would never let my child get a tattoo. Now, what they do when they are grown and live on their own is up to them, but not while they are living at home with me and I pay the bills.
  • Not until they're 18 when it's legal.
  • I think getting a tattoo is a "grown up" thing. So no, I don't think it is a good idea. +5 keithold!
  • I would encourage kids to wait till they are older, their taste could dramatically change!!! over 18? do what you like!
  • After 18 they can do what they want... before then.. NO
  • YES...with a home address and phone number.
  • Depending on their maturity, some 16 year olds I'd have no problem with
  • No they shouldn't be allowed to have them what ever age they are .They look awful on anyone at any age .... A permanent disfigurement....not nice ....
  • If I had kids,I couldn't allow them to get bad artwork forever branded on their skin said "MOTHER" in large letters.I would make an exception for that.
  • sure, but only if they are of age to get one. i was 18 when i got mine. i told them when i was 16 that i wanted to get one when i was of age, and thats what i did. i drew it myself and i even showed them to get their opinions. by that age you can make decisons like that b/c you're an adult.
  • Depends on the tattooist...I know a really good tattooist...I would have no problem with him giving my kid a long as its the mum/dad tattoo....anything else like stupid star wars characters...Id have a problem
  • Open your eyes and look around. Notice the jobs and careers in which you see people with visible tattoos. Then notice the jobs and careers in which tattoos are not to be found. If you wish to facilitate a lifelong restriction to tattoo-friendly jobs, go for the tattoo. If, as a parent, you forbid tattoos until they are of age and self-supporting, then it will be clearly and fully their decision. It will not be on your conscience.
  • No. In the UK it's illegal for a tattoo artist to tattoo anyone under 18. As a parent, I'd say "when you're old enough to pay for it yourself".

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