• I think the State will end up SPLIT on the matter.
  • In CALIFORNIA? I'm pretty sure marriages should have statutes of limitation in California. They're instantly annulled after 5 years unless the couple renews. Seriously though, who the hell are we to tell someone they cannot get divorced? This is a separation of church and state issue. Marriage has become a secular, legal institution, not a purely religious one. It's not going to pass...not even close.
  • I hope they are prepared for the rise in murder rates.....
  • The Hollywood types will never let that happen. They change spouses like I change my underwear.
  • It is stupid to outlaw divorce for budget reasons.Very likely it would be thrown out as a ballot.Divorce is a right that will not go away.
  • Of course it's simply ridiculous, that's really all I can say without sounding like captain obvious.
  • It is a clever protest of the initiative that banned gay marriage. Let's see how many "oh, I'm so holy my shlt don't stink" people who voted against gay marriage will vote 'yes' on THIS one!
  • Better yet, since some people feel the need to dictate who is allowed (or not allowed) to get married, why don't they just ban marriage altogether, and declare all marriages null and void?
  • I think marriage is the thing that should be outlawed. I cannot understand why people who piss and moan about inviting the church into their relationships turn right around and invite the government into them. The government is going to work just as hard at making it miserable for you as surely as any church will. Marriage is the basic bureaucratic bait and switch at its best. The institution sells itself as one something that supports and strengthens a relationship when in truth it's a ceremony of submission to higher authorities. In a just legal system, the law would respect and serve all relationships. Marriage should become irrelevant. It's a complete joke anyhow. People don't even want to BE married anymore, they want only to GET married.
  • I think its absolutely hilarious! I cant wait to see those who voted for prop 8 on the pretense of family values get out of this one :)
  • Another stupid attempt to legislate morality. Doesn't work folks.
  • This looks like it has one supporter, so don't expect much to happen. On the other hand, I just read an article about a survey of a large number of skateboarders in the Portland area that said that 4 out of 5 of the young people have divorced parents. We should have some sort of a "training" program that convinces young people to go through a longer engagement process and to stop having kids at the drop of a hat until they can be sure that this is a union that will last. But the way to do this is to "educate" - not "regulate!"
  • LOL. So everyone HAS to stay married forever that makes the vow! That would be a trick and a half to get that passed. I wish! What a riot in Cali of all places the divorce capital of the Universe.
  • Good luck. Reno and Las Vegas are only a few hours away.
  • Pretty good intrest. While I am not opposed to divorce, I like the staire in it.
  • I think its great! But,it will never work. Just think of how many more fatherless kids there will be. We woud have to change our whole way of life. Because people just wouldn't get married,just live together. Then when they get mad, tired, pissed off,or just don't want to be with that person, they would just walk away. Then what about the kids?
  • I both like it and don't like it at the same time.If you are abused you need to leave this goes for both men and women not just women.The part I like is it wakes people up about marriage that it's not some trendy thing to do or just to please your parents it is a commitmnent to devote your love to someone and a symbal that your together and why.I have a problem with gay marriage because I feel gays are cramming it down are throat and forcing us agianst are will to like it or they will call us names and make us feel bad on national tv that I don't agree with two men sticking it up each others hole and saying thats ok b/c there married.If they would learn to just chill and let adults decide for themselves it would be better.I also think you get from marriage what you put into it.

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