• Never under estimate you enemies! They'll get the better of you if you think in this manner. I have no examples to cite as I've not yet fallen victim to them. +5pts. =)
  • I have learned it is a better idea to overestimate the opposition in order to gain an advantage.
  • Very true! Most imprudent men that underestimated their enemies are probably no longer with us.
  • True. I once witnessed a street fight between two men. One was very short and wiry in stature looking quite weak. The other, a very large muscle bound man over 6ft tall. The little guy ran circles round the big guy and knocked him out! +5
  • I think it is actually disrespectful to your opponent to underestimate them. I always try to win in any competition to the best of my ability. It is stupid to think you are superior to anyone. Take every challenge you get seriously. Even if you are beyond their level, showing them the difference between you by using your full ability will allow them to have something to aspire to. It's only fair.
  • I think that is what Machiavelli's political theory states. According to him it's true. I don't have any enemies that I do war with. I just leave them alone. I don't know whose theory that is, except mine.
  • Very true. There is no greater calamity than to under-estimate the strength of your enemy. For to under-estimate the strength of your enemy is to lose your treasure.
  • True! I learned this from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins it's the first rule in a crisis situation
  • True. Never underestimate your opponent or your enemy, since looks can be deceiving.
  • True, but it's silly advice. No one ever wakes up one day and says "Today, I'm totally going to underestimate my enemies and see how that works out..." LOL

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