• like the White House. +5
  • Falling Water
  • The one I live in suits me just fine - it has enough rooms, a big enough garden and beautiful views.
  • Any of the houses on MTV Cribs will do.
  • I've learned over time that houses are just bricks and mortar. I dreamed of having the 'american house with the white picket fence' as it represented to me 'the perfect family home'. At the end of the day, we don't always get what we dream of, but I know that my perfect home is one that is filled with love, laughter and kindness, and wherever that is and whatever it looks like, I really don't care.
  • This is one of my favorite houses.
  • A Victorian style home surrounded by a moat.
  • Art Deco with all the lavish trimmings. Absolutely LOVE that style. I just want to swan down an elegant staircase in a glamorous dress of that era. To make it from top to bottom without tripping over said dress (or feet) would, of course, be a bonus.
  • This will do just fine. I don't wanna be greedy. +5
  • It would be a house very much like the house I grew up in. A 350-400 year old stone farmhouse, made of Northern sandstone that is rough hewn and honey coloured, with walls a couple of feet thick and stome slates on the roof. It would be large and rambling with low ceilings, set in the countryside, probably set in private valley rather than high up on the hills, with a stream running nearby so you could hear the water bubbling, and plenty of trees round and about. It might look a bit like this
  • Simple in lines and construction. Only need to meet these requirements: Long mainrom for living and dining hall, midsize but well equiped kitchen, one "visitors accesible" bathroom, one midsize bedroom with walk in closet and a bathroom, a midsize office and library room, one big room for my personal gym equipment. :)
  • Location...Gold Coast in Honolulu Within a few steps of the ocean Glass everywhere to take advantage of the views Huge kitchen for me and 4-car garage for Jim Maybe 4 bedrooms..two for guests and one a study Minimum of two full bathrooms and one half-bath Would love an attic and a basement Living/dining area would be one huge room Parquet wood floors Much stained glass and beveled glass in windows Made of brick/stone At least one fireplace for roasting marshmallows
  • Big rooms,lots of windows,porches all around,upstairs and down,with a huge yard and woods,and close to family!
  • I would like a big 4 bedroom house with a den that I could make a "time out room" out of for my Bipolar and Autistic son. I need a basement and a garage. Thats about it. It would be nice to have the space to be able to give my kids the things they really need.
  • I would want a big house on top of a stable hill with a big swimming pool and iron gates surrounding it. Sounds cool, huh?
  • A small house where I can be as close to my family members and maintainable, so that I do not have to spend too much money on that, which I can spend on other things.
  • no other

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